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Sheila Humphreys, MEd; Co-Founder

Oak Grove School, Teacher


Mariam Diallo, BA; Co-Founder

Hilltop Montessori School, Teacher

Donna Tuttle Daugherty, MA

Assessment Manager, Western Governor’s University

Helen Schultz, MEd

Steppingstone Academy, Teacher

Iris Bonaldo, BA

Pearson, Managing Editor


Jack McKiernan, MEd

Special Education Teacher (retired)


A family with 35 children?  It may sound impossible but that's exactly what Duckens and Deslourdes Janvier have created at Foyer Evangelique Orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.  Ever since they opened their home and their hearts to children left in need of a home and family by the 2010 earthquake, they have worked with selfless dedication to meet the children's needs and to surround them with the affection and emotional support of true parents.  Would you like to help them in this effort?

The Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust (HOST) helps support the children at Foyer Evangelique Orphanage.  HOST is a small, grassroots non-profit based in Vermont which has been partnering with Foyer Evangelique Orphanage since 2010.  HOST is committed to supporting these children until they graduate from high school.

HOST’s mission is to ensure the needs for food, education, medical attention and other essentials of Foyer Evangelique Universel Orphanage children are met.  We also research and promote collaboration with organizations that can help address the residents’ unmet physical and/or developmental needs, and assist with longer term sustainability.

HOST is a division of the 501c3 organization Trusteeship Institute.  

HOST’s advisory board members are:

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