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Our Programs


Sponsorship is the primary engine we use to care for the children. There are also specialized funds for medical care, nutrition, literacy support, and general funds to address needs as they come up. Tax deductible donations can be made here: 


Sponsor a Child


The Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust has developed a sponsorship program to help meet the basic needs of the children at Foyer Evangelique Universel Orphanage in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti.

You can become a full sponsor of a child for $150/month, a half sponsor for $75/month, or a partial sponsor for any amount. Sponsorship money goes to pay for food, education, medical expenses, and other basic needs. You can write letters back and forth with your sponsored child, and even visit them some day it you would like. It is a wonderful way to develop a personal relationship with one of these amazing kids.


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Nutrition Programs
HOST continues to think about how to improve the nutrition of the children at the orphanage.   During previous visits, HOST members noticed that the diet of the children consisted mainly of rice, pasta, and cornmeal, all inexpensive foods that fill up hungry bellies but do not provide adequate nutrition for a growing child.  Our first step to improve this situation was our egg sponsorship program, which began in April 2013.  Since then, we have added special funds for peanut butter, meat, milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables.


Medical Fund
Previously, when a child at the orphanage got sick, orphanage staff had to make the impossible decision about whether to pay for a child to get necessary medical attention or use those same funds to buy food to fill hungry bellies.  The medical fund was created by one of our sponsors whose sponsored child has a chronic medical condition that requires routine care.  Thanks to this fund, we are able to send money as needed so that funds are always on hand when medical problems arise.


Literacy Program
Almost all of these children had never attended school prior to their arrival to the orphanage, and thus they are all behind in their studies.  Most of them have relatively low skill levels with reading, writing, and speaking French.  Everyone in Haiti speaks Creole, but French remains the language of instruction in school and the language of business, so strong French language skills are critical for academic and career success.  We have found that these children are bright, keen, and fast learners. In an effort to remedy this situation, we are funding a literacy-based summer camp and an after school tutoring program.  The goal is to develop children’s reading and critical thinking skills and to build up their academic vocabulary so that they are better prepared for learning in school. 

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