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The Nutrition Program

HOST continues to think about how to improve the nutrition of the children at the orphanage.   During previous visits, HOST members noticed that the diet of the children consisted mainly of rice, pasta, and cornmeal, all inexpensive foods that fill up hungry bellies but do not provide adequate nutrition for a growing child.  Our first step to improve this situation was our egg sponsorship program, which began in April 2013.  Since then, we have added special funds for peanut butter, meat, milk, and fresh fruits and vegetables.  

Peanut Butter Fund


Thanks to a generous grant from Baal Dan Charities, HOST has created a Peanut Butter Fund to augment the children's protein intake. Meat is a very expensive commodity on an island that imports everything.  This low cost provision provides the children with the protein they need to grow and succeed.  Furthermore, this fund supports local agriculture in Haiti, as peanuts are a staple crop.  This program is fully funded through 2019.

Egg Fund


Like the Peanut Butter Fund, the Egg Fund is designed to boost the protein intake of the children of OFEU. The goal is for the children to have more than one source of protein on a daily basis.  

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Fund

Providing a balanced diet is HOST's goal in the nutrition of the children at OFEU. Through this fund we supplement the money received for each child's sponsorship to insure that food is healthy, nutritious and locally grown. Some of it comes from local markets and some of it is grown on the grounds of the orphanage. All of it allows our children to thrive.

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